Words of Wisdom

There’s no diploma in the world that declares you to be an artist. Its not like becoming a doctor or something. You can declare yourself to be an artist, then figure out how to be an artist.

-Kara Walker-

One of the crippling things I went through in art school, was, “is this worth it?” and “Am I qualified?”

A couple of times, someone thought of “putting me in my place” when trying to define my position on the team, or group project.¬†Despite my retaliation, there was some conflict I had with the work I did. A lot of times, the title, and credentials become distracting, since that is perceived to be what defines you. However, your actions, and your choices speak more about who you are. No matter what your profession, define yourself first, then figure out what that looks like. I call myself an artist and designer. An artist manifests ideas into a tangible thing, and a designer solves problems, period. Under this pretense, my actions, and thinking are aligned with those two definitions. The best part is there are many definitions to an artist. What is yours?

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Artist and Business Professional working to build a stronger community for the Arts.

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