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20 Minute Painting Competition

Greensboro is like a hidden gem. In fact, much of North Carolina is that way, and this event was very much one such gem. This past year, a local designer, Jeff Beck, coordinated a series of contests call the Ultimate Painting Tournament. This contest is a major public event where participating artists have a total of 20 minutes to create a painting. After the 20 minutes, the crowd votes for an artist and the artist with the most votes win the round. These photos are from the first time I went to this competition. I later participated in the following year, early 2015. This is an annual challenge and more information can be found at the following link below:

Here, I manage to meet interesting artists such as Anthony Patterson, or known by his street name “The Starvin’ Artist”, and Stewart Knight, who, I think, won that particular round that night. Three months later, I participated and to my surprise, I learned three of my friends, Squids and Jenn, were also participating. We had a blast as we painted like there was no tomorrow. Jenn ended up getting second place, and her mentor ended up being the winner o the competition. The event can be held in various locations. The first one I ever went to was hosted in the Creative Center on sixteenth street, but the event I participated in was located in the Center for Visual Artists. While I am in Atlanta, I am considering getting involved in the administration behind hosting these events. It is a great networking opportunity and one of many creative ways to build a creative community.


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