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While at SCAD, it is very easy to get caught up in a lot of the quick deadlines for class assignments and projects, that you don’t actually get to spend too much time getting acquainted with everyone. The environment is so fast-paced, you don’t get snow everything in scope about the people that you meet. However, SCAD, and Atlanta for that matter, is full of people with magnificent backgrounds that only you would know if you spend more time hanging with them. I experienced while learning more about McFadden.

What he has done…

I first learned about McFadden’s work on Colorism when I met him in person in 2015. Later on, I learned more as he shared the posts with me from Atlanta Celebrates Photography, or ACP. Our School Magazine, SCAN, had given a brief description of McFadden. This project won the “Best in Show” in the Mozambique Heritage exhibition in London. It later was exhibited on Atlanta’s Beltline by Arnika Dawkins Gallery for six months in 2015.

2015 was a great year for McFadden. I didn’t know much about Josh yet, but in that year he had been interested in social justice and civil rights. He put up a crowdfunding campaign to help fund his travels to Selma, AL to participate in the 50th Anniversary of Martin Luther King’s March. Along the travel, McFadden had photographed and interviewed several subjects, their thoughts on the issue, and their stories. This project, “After Selma” had gained the attention of LensCulture, which chose him as one of the world’s top emerging artists. He also won first place in “Social Cause” by the International Photography Awards. This body of work has gained attention from several such as the New York Times, Society for Photographic Education, and Africanah.

What he is doing…

After speaking with McFadden, and following his posts on his website and Facebook, I learned of McFadden’s new book relating to the work he has recently done. Currently, he is building a new body of work relating to the Black Male Identity. This body of work included interviewing each subject on the ideals of masculinity, and what is it to be a black man. After the artist talk at Woodruff Arts Center in August, McFadden will show his work at the Mason Fine Arts Gallery.

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