What is Colorism?

It is said “Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder”, and humans associate so much with color. In fact, people associate so much on a regular basis, but what happens when you associate traits and quality to a person? Colorism is one issue that affects African American culture and life, especially towards women. It is part of a greater issue that divides a community on a world-wide scale. As I prepare for the artist talk, I began looking further into the matter. Below is an interesting video that give a summary of what Colorism is.

As I research and reflect on personal experience, I began to relate what Kai had mentioned. I learned that Colorism is indeed a global issue and affects all women, including (white women). Colorism is one of sever serious problems women encounter and experience with beauty all together. Socially and culturally, women are pressured to alter their appearance on a regular basis, specifically in this culture through various sources. To associate the quality of  beauty to a particular color adds onto the ongoing challenges and societal pressure put on women.

Personally, I think the same issue relates to associating cultural behaviors to a race. I remember being told that I was “the whites person” they have ever met because of how I spoke. Being black should only be about just having the skin tone. My articulation to the English language, nor my mannerisms should play into that. Associating a quality to a person based on aesthetics inst a good idea.To say that about me is to block me from connecting with an identity I am a part of, but to prevent the notion “We may actually be alike” from ever happening, and thus Empathy cannot happen, which is what we will need if we are to overcome any form of discrimination.

To anyone this relates to, please share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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