Who protects us from our protectors?

Police have a sworn duty to protect and serve the communities in their jurisdiction, and by doing so, serve our country. The crimes and issues they face range in severity. Although they are revered by many, they are also questioned in their methods and procedures. In the conversation about police brutality, all sides must remember police are enforcing the law and are obligated to help the community they serve. However, when a policeman/policewoman violates their duties, obligations, or methods violates their responsibilities, what do you do?

Here is a link to one of the handbooks of disciplinary procedures the Metropolitan Police Department have to regulate the conduct and professionalism of the police in the District of Columbia. The policies vary from state to state, but they reflect the Acts and Federal constitutional laws that are in effect. In knowing this, as well as the laws citizens must abide by, perhaps solutions can be made to lighten the tension, between police and civilians.

Fire and Police Disciplinary Action Procedure Act of 2004 [as of 2005]

Policies and Procedures for Discipline and Dismissal of Employees

These two are examples of many disciplinary plans law enforcement have in several scales. From security on campuses, private businesses, to City and State police, There are codes of conduct that must be followed. Here is a handbook of disciplinary procedures in general.

Handbook on Disciplinary Proceedings for Disciplinary Authorities, Inquiring Authorities and Presenting Officers

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