The Process – About the Funding

Like any creative production, the challenge is “how to fund it?”. From what I had mentioned before, typically exhibitions when done through a nonprofit organization are funded by grants in which the organization has applied for, in combination with other contributed revenue from a consistent donor base and from corporate sponsorship.

Each production can start differently, as some exhibitions were planned and organized by a donor or a collector and an organization has agreed to display said exhibition. Other organizations put on exhibitions in charge for admissions, although, many work to make the exhibition free so that people of all backgrounds are able to access the arts.

As I am getting closer to the deadlines of securing the work, paying for the tickets and the shipping rates, I am working diligently to crowd fun and build a consistent donor base so I am able to have these exhibitions without charging the public for the mission.

Considering my circumstances, I am on the fence about how to properly charge for this. JT our presents is currently a soul proprietor Brown’s that I intend on turning into a 501(c)(3) in the near future. I had much financial success when it was under a fiscal sponsorship, and am pursuing that now.

Earliar this weekend, I shared my position with a mentor who has a few connections and could help reduce the costs. In our conversation, he also brought up the concept of social capital. Overall, he believed that it was better to build a relationship with the individual and connect him or her to the resources they need to develop a loyal clients but will give you money consistently and with little question instead of simply charging them one time for something that they may or may not come back to you.

For me, this gave the concept of networking and marketing a more human identity. It is also something that I wish to incorporate into my brand. As I am searching for alternatives to put this exhibition into action, I’m also preparing to ask people in the community is what is it that they exactly want and what is it that they exactly need and from there continue the conversation regarding how these productions can still be accessible to the public and for all.

I wonder what are your thoughts:

  1. What Value do you get from the arts?
  2. When you pay for an admission ticket, what is ot rhat you expect to get?

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