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“I am captured climbing up walls, crawling into window panels, hanging from doors, whereas my family members sit at the kitchen table, watch television, and maintain there daily lives”

-Shoccara Marcus-

Shoccara Marcus is an Atlanta-based photographer both, commercially and for the fine arts. She is also a dancer and choreographer who incorporates dance with her photography. She has produced several bodies of works, each with differing themes, but one particular body I became interested in was the series, “Choreography of my past”. In this series, Marcus returns to  her home for a short time after being independent for about a decade. While returning home, she is confronted with several challenges, including the challenge of dealing with the perspective of her childhood self, which still existed in the eyes of her family, as opposed to the adult that she is.

“Suspended Frustration”

Marcus explores the complexity of family dynamics with this series, capturing her family in daily activities as she is dancing in the back, mid, or fore ground. From the conflict between her and her family, Marcus was propelled to reevaluate her role in the family as the woman that she is today and to change the perspective of her family who still have a perception of her younger self. In the process, she depicts her metaphorical, and literal, emotions of isolation and alienation she felt during her stay. Eventually, she accepted the struggles and still found adjustments to adapt with her family in a new role.

“By fitting myself into awkward places and positions, I question ‘Where’, ‘How’, and ‘Why’ I fit into the family structure.”

The series shares a rather tender experience, as the reason Marcus returned to her family home, after living on her own in Brooklyn, NY, was due to her father’s Cancer. In 2011 She returned to her childhood home to take care of him and fill in whatever needs the family had. As a coping mechanism, Marcus uses dance, a passion of hers since the age of four, to express her feelings. In the process, she uses photography and videography to capture these moments and move on.

Marcus is gaining attention with her works by LensCulture and has been written about in the Daily Mail (in the UK) and Feature Shoot. Marcus has been shown in international competitions, exhibitions, and award ceremonies such as the China Jinan International Photography Biennial, Exposisition des Etudiants in France. She has been nationally shown by institutions in her community like Museum of Contemporary Art in Georgia, Atlanta Photo Group, Hammond House Museum, and Savanna College of Art & Design.

Marcus is represented by the Arnika Gallery, which is also based in Atlanta, and her works can be purchased and rented through her manager.


Shoccara Marcus Main website for Project

Daily Motions

Video Concept- Choreography of my Past

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