When color affects your profession

Yesterday, I posted a blurb about Colorism and introduced you to Kai’s video. Colorism  on a social context is already a problem, but what Chika Okoro mentions in the video below speaks about how this phenomena becomes a part of a professional industry.

The standards of beauty in color

After listening to Okoro, I immediately found Amber Starks and her view of the situation. Here is what Starks shares.

Colorism is only one aspect of a bigger concern that surpasses colorism and racism. The standards of beauty, that arguably affects all women is an ongoing, and bigger challenge women face. What stuck out to me was her dream of having a diversity of beauty as opposed to the a monopolized standard.

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Second Story Review

This is an analysis of the website, and social media of an organization named “Second Story”. Second Story is an organization that specializes in creating immersive content, which also educates its audiences through active participation. With each project, the team members collaborate to conceptualize, design, and develop the content their clients need. Since interaction is their focus, one would expect their website and social media would be of excellent quality. This is very true, with Second Story.

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Human Figure study

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These are a set of human based drawings from my earlier years in my undergrad.

Most of the images displayed are from the human anatomy class and wednesday night drawing sessions. Some studies are during my “free-time” and for other projects in the future. I studied under Andrew Loomis, and William L. Maughan for understanding establishing features of the face and the proportions on it.